Check Out: Scott Gaffney

Check Out

Scott “Scooter” Gaffney

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Rides: Lake Louise, Banff area

Sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Smith, Rude Boys Snowboard Shop

Scooter is a family-values kind of kid. He always makes time for friends, his girlfriend Katie, and most of all, his parents. Yeah, right! He was starting to sound like some Mormon kid from Utah. Gaffney is Canadian, through and through, and he sure ain't no Mormon.

Scott sometimes comes off as a little too serious; some people may even think he's a little snobbish. People who know Scott will tell you he's just mellow and a bit shy. His shyness doesn't last for long, it is broken quite easily with the help of some Canadian rye (just like his pride after getting beaten up by two fat chicks in a Kelowna back alley). Unlike his fighting skills, Scott kicks ass at boardercross, competitors are envious of his style in the halfpipe, and his freeriding–that's something the “Banff Boys” and I are going to keep to ourselves for a while.

So go and check Scott out. If he seems a little too tight just pat him on the backside and say, “Hey Scooter, good game!”

–T.W. Peter Navin