Check Out: Scott Eckard

Name: Scott Eckard

Home Resort: Magic Mountain

Sponsors: Ride, Northwave, Drake, Dragon, Wave Warriors Board Shop

Age: Young enough to go out with your daughter, but old enough to know better.

Thanks Yous: Mom and Dad, my sponsors, Klaw, Jason Murray, Jerome, Lael, Banana, Magatha, Kathy, and all the friends who have ever helped me out of a jam.

Dave Norehad: What kind of kid were you?

Scott Eckard: I was born in Oregon, but grew up mostly in Roseville, Califronia. I skateboarded and BMXed. Pretty much just a suburban kid, cement sidewalks, and the streetlights came on at dark. I wasn't really a troublemaker or anything.

Have you ever been arrested?

Actually, yeah. When I was little I used to play baseball and one day our coach didn't show up for practice. There was an abondoned school across the street and we decided to practice our skills by throwing dirt clods and seeing who could break the most windows. All of a sudden a cop car came around the corner and we all ran for the fence. Almost the whole team got caught and we had to line up on the curb. Later, my parents got a letter in the mail from the police and they were bummed.

Where did you first learn to snowboard?

It was at Boreal. My friend's dad showed me how to snowboard. My first run I went straight down the hill and thought, “This is easy.” His dad was like, “Okay, now try turning.”

What's the worst job you ever had?

Roofing houses. It's pretty sketchy, being like 45 feet off the ground and nothing but slippery wood to walk on. It's not hard to slide to your doom.

Are you a dog or cat person?

I'm probably more of a dog.

A dirty dawg?

Naw, a hot dog or maybe a corn dog.