Check Out: Risto Scott

Risto Scott

Born: October 4, Dundee, Scotland

Thank you: “All of you who have given me your love and support. You know who you are.”

I met Risto on a spring day at Big White in '92. Being a fifteen-year-old grom I could only marvel at my luck. I was on the chairlift with a local legend.

Virtually unknown to the rest of the world, Risto had been silently ruling in Kelowna, often on the solo shot. His humility preceded his reputation, and that was the first thing I noticed. You see, Risto has the courage to be warm in a world that would prefer you to be cool. He invited me, a sketch dog, to ride with him that day, and he's been pushing me ever since in this sport of shred.

Since that first day, I have watched Risto bust into the snowboard world, armed with progression and consistency. After nine years of riding, living the last four in Whistler, he's become many things to many people: a golden boy to his sponsors (M3, Billabong, Dragon, 32, Etnies, Island Snowboard Shop in Kelowna), a freestyle Yoda to young Jedi, like Baxter and Rookie, and a source of encouragement and adventure to all those he meets. M3 is within our midst, so don't be surprised if Risto is sitting beside you on your next lift up.–Kris Elliott