Check Out: Peter Iversen

Name: Peter Iversen

Born: April 18, 1978

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

Hobbies: Video games, mountain biking, dance parties, skateboarding, procrastinating, and walking the puppies.

Seasons riding: Ten

Sponsors: Sessions, Dragon, and Boarderline Snow and Skate in Alaska

Thank yous: All my sponsors, especially Scott Liska, Brian Harris, Keith Wilson; Jason Borgstede; Jesse Burtner; Ross Steffey; Torey Piro; Corey Grove; and Jimmy Clarke. Extra special thanks to basset hounds Sammy, Ingrid, and my baby Cleo; my girl Kirsten Watson and all her family; and last but not least, my own family for believing in my dream.

Pete Iverson is a bit kichigai desu ne. That means crazy, if you don't speak Japanese. Although he's just coming back from ACL surgery, he spent most of last season filming with JB Deuce Productions for the new Boarderline film Survival of the Tightest, Mack Dawg's new movie AMP, Torey Piro's movie Hi-Fi, and even spent a little time with Standard Films. He insists he has two distinct sides to his personality, mellow Pete who just wants to focus on the progression of his snowboarding, and dancing Pete who lives for the dance party and keg stands.

What was it like growing up in Alaska?

A lot of whale blubber, ulus knives for cutting blubber, and usuks whale private parts.

What keeps you Alaskan riders such a tight group?

It's because everyone in the Lower 48 makes fun of Alaskans, so we must stick together. We ride harder, faster, and go bigger than anyplace in the U.S., and that's no bull.

With a ratio of something like ten dudes for every one lady up there, is every party you go to a sausage fest? Is it hard to have game?

I feel there are enough buns to go around. Most guys have game, but you might want to bring your Gameboy just in case.

What constitutes the perfect day?

Get up early with a few of my good friends, hop in my dad's old helicopter, go ride four feet of fresh in Valdez, come back home, rest, and throw the biggest dance party in the world for all my friends!