Check Out: Patrick Butsch

Patrick Butsch
Nicknames: Patrice, Patman, Paddy, Little Kitten, and The Surgeon
Age: 24
Resides: Bend, Oregon
Sponsors: Ride Snowboards, One Ball Jay Wax, and Da Kine
Thanks: My parents, my brother Pete and Witt Wear, Allister, Greg, Ed, and Squirrel, all my friends, Leslee, Ride, One Ball Jay, and Da Kine

Patrick Butsch is a man of few words. He’s the type of guy who isn’t easy to figure out, so you suspect there’s something stirring beneath his quiet exterior.

If you ask him about his snowboarding, rafting, or moto experiences, he’ll give you only minimal answers to the questions you asked. Later you find out that he could’ve written a book full of details on any one of the subjects if only you’d asked the right questions.¿Jardine Hammond

What was your childhood like?

I grew up there on an 80-acre farm in Southern Oregon and we had cows, pigs, and chickens that we’d raise for food. I had a friend who would freak out when we’d kill ’em, but it didn’t bother me. I used to race motocross a lot when I was young, but I had to quit when I was sixteen because it was super expensive. For the last five years, in the summers, I go back there and raft guide on the Lower Rouge River.

You’re tight with your family, especially your brother Peter, who you ride with all the time. Is there ever any rivalry?

When we were still in school, we fought almost every day¿I was the little brother who wanted to hang out with him and his friends, but he didn’t want me to. Now with snowboarding, we push each other and teach each other stuff so it’s not like a rivalry.

How do you feel about people always labeling you as “The Underrated Guy?”

It gets under my skin a little. It seems like if you’re not in with the “right crowd” at Mt. Bachelor, then you’re not going to get the calls. I keep it to myself, and it pushes me to try to rise above it and ride better.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I hope to own a house in Bend. My ultimate dream is to own a breakfast/lunch restaurant in Latin America and kick it with my beautiful wife¿in ten years I’ll probably have a wife.