Check Out: Pat McCarthy

Check Out Patrick McCarthy

Name: Patrick McCarthy

Age: 22

Hometown: Bellingham, Washington

Local Mountain: Mt Baker, Washington

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 175 lbs.

Stance: Regular. Twenty-nine degrees front, negative-fifteen rear, and 24 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Option, NFA, TechNine, Dragon, APX, Nixon, The Snowboard Connection, JB Deuce Productions.


1. Jesse Burtner

2. Kurt Jenson

3. Joey McGuire

Here’s one to make the Baker boys proud. From the early M.B.H.C. (Mt. Baker Hardcores) to the glory days of Todd Schlosser, Dave Lee, and Peter Line—it’s a wonder we haven’t had any Check Outs from Washington recently. McCarthy’s been filming for Livin’ Proof, Steezin’ For No Reason, and Skids III while laying waste to this road gap repeatedly.—C.D.

Pat is a a rippin’ shredder, a super nice guy, and the self proclaimed king of Stevens pass.—Joey McGuire



Portrait: Grant Gunderson

Misty Baker road gapper. Photo: Mark Kohlman