Check Out: Pancho Dewhurst

Name: Pancho Dewhurst

Home: La Jolla, California

Sponsors: Burton, Arnette, Reef, Sector 9, Emerald City, Verticale

Age: 24

Pancho lives life like there's no tommorow. Growing up in La Jolla lured him to boarding, surfing, and skating. Living less than a mile from the beach, Pancho picked up skills at an early age.

As he grew older, his desire to venture outside the small beach town increased. He was discovered by Atlantis and began riding professionally for their European team. Although Pancho traveled in and out of nearly every country on the globe, he acquired a taste for Italy.

This year Burton found a spot for him on their team. During a couple seasonal stays in Mammoth, California Pancho shot for a few magazines and videos, but went back to Europe for the summer of '99 to film. In the off season you can find Pancho at the University of San Diego studying Italian and art.–Emily Dewhurst

“I remember one time in college he was so bored he went skateboarding through a Safeway grocery store in nothing but a Speedo and a big afro wig. Some security dude chased him around the store, but Pancho's skating ability proved to be too good, despite the fact that he was in a banana hammock.”–Nate Michels

“Four years of snowboarding, surfing, parties, and girls made us as close as brothers.”–Massimo Bettazzi

“I feel very fortunate to have grown up with a person as remarkable as Pancho Dewhurst. I don't know anyone else who would save my ass in a bar fight or give me free snowboarding stuff.”–Andre Ankenbrandt