In the Pariott’s living room a couple days after Christmas (in 1988), was a Look Lamar Trick Stick—the one with the crazy-shaped nose and kicked-up squared-off tail. Next to this board was a vibrant fluorescent green jacket and some black bibs. We laughed.

Noah’s not wearing any fluorescent anymore, but you still know it’s him from a mile away. He’s the dude who’s going bigger, riding smoother, and getting gnarlier than any other person on the mountain. Even though Noah’s shredding puts other riders in check, he’s a very mellow person to take laps or just be chill with. He’s the first one to tell you how sick your own line was, and the only one to buy you a Nizo Refresher at Lolo’s that night.—EZ Rock and Micheal O’Neill

How old are you and where are you from?
I’m 22, I’m from Kent, Washington, but I spend my winters in Big Sky, Montana.

Is there much difference between Washinton and Montana?
The rocks are definitely a lot sharper in Montana, you can plan on going through a couple of decks a season there. Also it’s colder, and the snow is a lot lighter-so where there’s snow it’s not necessarily covered. In Washington, if it’s white, you can pretty much ride it.

Are you sponsored?
Yeah, by Gnu, Outa Wear, Function First.

Who influences your riding?
Danny Sullivan, Temple Cummins, Ethan Cudaback, B.J. Kaiser, Justin Mooney, and of course, Terje.

Anyone you want to thank?
Mom and Dad, Andy Tuller, Temple Cummins, Jay at World Boards, Stan Evans, Danny McLane, Jenny Ader, Benny C., Tony Stademedler at the Board Room, and anyone I might have forgotten.