Check Out: Nick Dirks

Birth date: 11/05/1986Home: I sleep around, OregonSponsors: Airblaster, Ambiguous, Elm Company, Exit Real World
Results: 2nd place Hot Dawgz & HandrailsFilm: Keep Talkin’/Under Par, This Is For Everyone/Autumn Line, Remember When/Team Thunder, April/Airblaster
Who are your biggest influences?

1. Jesse Grandkoski.
2. Jarad Hadi.
3. Jonas Michilot.
What do you want to get out of snowboarding?

I just want a giant ball pit in my house with a giant slide going into it, and some more friends. What’s your favorite video part?

Mikey LeBlanc in Brainstorm.
What’s the worst trend in snowboarding?

Outerwear that looks like pajamas.
What’s one thing we don’t know about you?

I used to have a foot long rat tail, but the barber cut it off without me asking. It could have been to my ass by now.What are three things you want to do before you die?

1. Grow my hair to my feet.2. Live some place tropical.3. To 69 on 4/20.What’s the sketchiest thing you have ever done on a chair lift?

I tried to pee on ski patrol once.What’s one trick you wish you could do?

Stinkbug triple cork.
What’s one trick people should stop doing?

Flips on and/or off rails.

Nick Dirks is a dirtbag. He’s got a dream-catcher necklace and I think maybe another one in his hair, which he doesn’t wash but once or three times a year. He’s also really good at snowboarding-good style, good tricks, and heaps of creativity. You know Dirks is good when he gets the stamp of approval from Colorado boss Chad Otterstrom: “Dirks spent a little over a month on my couch last winter, we weren’t even planning on putting him in our video, but he just came along for the ride. After a couple days of filming he already had half a part and ended up doing one of the heaviest rails ever done in Denver. So we sorta had to put him in the vid. Dirks is the future, if he can stay out of jail that is.” The best part is Dirks doesn’t even have a board sponsor, he’s just in it for the love … and possibly for a giant ball pit.-Evan LeFebvre

Nick will send it down big rails (check the cover of this issue) or have fun riding mini bike stuff with his homeys all the same. No matter what he’s doing, he’s stoked. Switch frontboard on set in Mt. Hood while shooting for the Airblaster movie April. Photos: Robbie Sell