Check Out: Nate Bozung

Nate Bozung

Age: 18

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Home: Alpine, Utah

When I met Nate a few years ago, he was just some little punk who wanted some crap to buy. Ya know, “Hey, umm, do you, like, maybe, umm, have a board to sell, maybe?” I don't know how it happened but we started skating together a lot one summer. He would take the bus or bum a ride to our house and camp out, every weekend, a lot of the time even longer. He was okay, though.

Nate is a little punk and sort of a geek! I feel like he's my little brother, but also a pretty good friend. Nate dreams one day of marrying Christina Aguilera and becoming the store manager at Zuka Juice. I wish you all the luck in the world, Nate. He's pretty good at snowboarding, too; you should check out his section in The Revival. Peace.–Jeremy Jones

Jeremy: Do you have any other dreams besides being a pro snowboarder?

Nate: Yeah, hooking up with Christina Aguilera.

You recently picked up a girlfriend for the first time really. How does that feel?

Her name is Jillyn. I don't know if she is my girlfriend or if we are just hanging out.

Do you think it will affect your skating and snowboarding?

No. Is it supposed to?

Were you a nerd in school or did kids like you?

My friends and I were the radest kids in school. Everybody just didn't realize it.

A bunch of big-name pros know you and think you're really cool. Is that going to your head at all?

No, because they're just snowboarders, but if they were big-name supermodels it would be another story.

Do you think you're dope, Nate?

No, I don't smoke dope.

As dope as Smolik?

Smolik? What?

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