Name: Mitch Reed

Age: 17

Hometown: Aspen, Colorado

Local Mountain: Aspen/Snowmass resorts

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 145 pounds

Stance: Goofy. Eighteen degrees front, negative-twelve rear, and 23.5 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Burton, Anon, Analog, Aspen/Snowmass

Results: First place, Hot Dawgs And Handrails

Film: Moment Of Truth/F.O.D.T., The Brightest Sound/Warior Films, 411VM


1. JP Solberg

2. DCP

3. Marc Frank Montoya

Mitch Reed showcased his technical side and took first place at Mack Dawg’s preseason jib event, Hot Dawgz And Handrails up at Bear Mountain. But it’s the Aspen local’s unmistakably smooth Colorado style that has already landed him in TransWorld a few times previously.-C.D.