Check Out: Mikko Jauhiainen

Name: Mikko Jauhiainen

Born: June 2, 1980 in Kouvola, Finland

Sponsors: Duotone, Mission Six

Thank yous: My family; sponsors; Lance Gilman; all my friends; Sini; P.K. team; and everybody who has helped me, you know who you are–thanks!

I first met Mikko on a trip to Lapland about three years ago, and we've been friends ever since. I like riding with him because he pushes me all the time to do better, and he has a very positive attitude when he is and when he isn't riding. He puts all his passion into snowboarding. He's a solid rider with a good self-confidence and wants to progress all the time, go higher, and tweak harder.

Mikko spent the last year in the U.S., but before that he had to work his ass off in a licorice factory. He doesn't stress too much and takes things as they are. He has a strange obsession for hot chocolate and cookies, which he sometimes prefers more than snowboarding.

This guy knows how to have fun, that's for sure.–Arto Tommiska

Mikko is the kind of guy who doesn't give a shit if you accidentally piss on his shoes!–Erkko Alm

In snowboarding, Mikko is as motivated as he is

talented. I think he truly loves snowboarding.–O.P.

Jauhiainen Mikko's brother