Check Out: Mikey Rencz

Name: Mikey Rencz
Sponsors: Burton, Electric, The Circle, 2mc, Grenade Gloves
Age: 15
Origin: Canmore, Alberta
Coordinates: Whistler, B.C.
Stance: Goofy. Nine front, negative-six back, and twenty inches wide
Mikey Rencz is a polite, considerate, and well-spoken young man who’s also all about the “what-what,” the “bling-bling,” his Dogg Posse, and dancing for the girlies. He’ll eat a large Domino’s pizza while jumping up and down on the couch as he humiliates you at video games. A naturally gifted athlete, Mikey has a strong mind and determined will.¿Staff Who’s in the Dogg Posse?
Eight best friends from Alberta and B.C. who ride together and keep pushing each other all the time. The Dogg Posse consists of Nigel Patterson, Adam Baldick, Charles White, Nate Dales, Tim Orr, Matt Friesen, Victoria Jealouse, and myself. Are you going to the Olympics?
Well, I haven’t started training in Ross’ Rebagliati park yet, but I have been drinking predigested wheat grass and really hitting the weights. You can’t go to the Olympics and not be buff! Pipe, rails, or big mountain?
I think every year it changes a little bit. Last year I rode tons of pipe, this year I got into hitting jumps in the backcountry and the park a lot. Hopefully in a few years I can shred all parts of the mountain equally well.

A lover or a fighter?
A little of both, ’cause I’m a mean cougar hunter. What do you want to do with your life?
For now I’d just like to get through school and have as much fun as I can with my friends¿snowboarding, traveling all around, and meeting lots of people. I haven’t really thought about what I’ll do later, but I’d love to keep going in this snowboarding game. You know¿I’m still kinda young.