Check Out: Mike Scott

Name: Mike Scott
Home: Originally from Rugby, Ontario. Transplanted to Vancouver, B.C four years ago.
Born: August 9, 1975
Thanks: Mom and Dad, Huffmen, Cartwheel, Michelle Herblin, Pete and Pavel at Unity snowboards, Randy and Chico at Da Kine, Scott goggles, KUU sport wax, Heelside boots, and Arson clothing. Mad props to all the cool people in Whistler and Vancouver who keep life fun and interesting, even though I don’t know exactly what mad props are.

Mike is the kind of guy who possesses many desirable characteristics. He’s a great mix of entertainer, thought-provoker, and, of course, great athlete. Mike and I aren’t related, but if we were, I would be the lucky one.¿Risto Scott

Mike Scott comes at you like a swift one-two punch. The first punch leaves you laughing hysterically from his satirical outlook on his own life’s antics. The second leaves you dazzled by his overflow of talent, stretching from snowboarding to his life-like sketches. Boom, you’re K.O.’d. ¿Lukas Huffman

When I think of Mike Scott, all I can think is this chief wearing Huffman’s spandex jeans, a handle-bar mustache, and dancing like he’s in a bar fight on hip hop-night¿the guy’s on fire. I also think of him as one of the few snowboarders who has his shit together, as he’s attending classes at Simon Fraser University and has a good head on his shoulders. Oh yeah, he also has an incredibly positive attitude, which only adds to his dope riding ability.¿Max Jenke

Mike’s always down to provide motivation and encouragement when you ride with him. No matter how you ride, he’ll bring out the best in you and make you feel good about your shredding. On top of that, he’s one of the smartest, funniest, and most interesting guys you could spend time with. As for his snowboarding, Mike is a natural. He rips it with style¿straight up.¿Daryl Trinidad and Matt Houghton