Check Out Mike Casanova

Name: Mike “Nova” Casanova

Age: 20

Hometown: Hudson, Wisconsin

Local Mountain: Breckenridge, Colorado

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 165 pounds

Stance: Regular. Fifteen degrees front, negative-nine rear, and 24 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Academy, Vans, Smith, Breckenridge, Vestal, Grenade, Satellite, Alycium, Ogio, So … Gnar

Results: 2005: First place, West Coast Invitational rail jam; fourth place and Josh Malay Destroyer Award (best trick), The Session at Vail rail jam.

Film: AOD 3: I Don’t Even Know You, Man; The Color of Silence/Five Points Films


1. Chad Otterstrom

2. Micah McGinnity

3. Jon Kooley

“Nova’s the nicest, most polite dude I’ve ever met-he asked Cody Dresser if he could ask him a question! Last summer we were staying in Denver for a Breck photo shoot, and he cleaned out the hotel-room mini bar, thinking it was free. Mike took the snacks he didn’t want and gave them to the homeless around town-it ended up being 80 dollars in candy and chips.

Every time we ride together, Nova does something I’ve never seen or thought of before. He’s like Peter Line back when Pete was inventing new tricks. I could write a lot more about Nova’s shred skills, but that might freak him out. All I know is he’s moving into my house this winter, so now I can bite all his tricks-if I can keep up.-Chad Otterstrom

Photo Caps

Back 180, switch 50-50, switch front 360 out-just another routine Casanova stunt. Copper Mountain, Colorado. Sequence: Scott Serfas