Check Out: Micah McGinnity

Name: Micah McGinnity
Hometown: Circle Pines, Minnesota
Born: March 3, 1979
Sponsors: M3, Volcom, DC, Spy, Cal Surf
Thanks: My mom and dad; Jamus; Malaina; my girl Michelle; Jay and everyone at Volcom; Romy and M3; Brian and DC; Nick at Spy; Scott at Cal Surf; Chad Otterstrom, Jake Weber, Jason Landry, Kurt Rein, and the rest of the Breckenridge crew; Jeff Baker; and my friends back in Circle Pines.

In my eyes, this Check Out is long overdue. It’s all Micah’s fault though¿he’s too scared to leave Minnesota for more than a three-month period. I’ve watched Micah ride for the past seven years, and ever since the first day, he’s amazed me with his style and ability to do almost anything on his snowboard. That’s all I’m going to say about his snowboarding, because he wouldn’t be getting this “Check me out, I’m cool” if he didn’t know how to snowboard.

Micah’s a pretty mellow kid, who always has a smile on his face. I probably would’ve known him a year earlier, but he was so scared of us that whenever he’d show up at Trollhaugen (the hill we grew up on), he’d go to the other side of the mountain if we were there because he thought we’d make fun of him. There’s also rumors of us making him cry, but I don’t remember that. I don’t think it’s true.

Micah moved out to Colorado this past winter. But between traveling to snowboard and going back to Minnesota to visit his girlfriend, he was there for about three weeks throughout the winter. Micah’s always appeared to know what he’s doing and seems to have his head on straight. He’s the kind of person you have to hang out with a lot to get to know. Every time you’re around him he has something new going on to tell you about. ¿Chad Otterstrom