Check Out: Max Jenke

Max Jenke

Age: 19

Home: Vancouver, British Columbia

Sponsors: Random, Iris, Northwave boots, Drake bindings, Da Kine, Ass Industries, and Boardroom snowboard shop

Hobbies: Skateboarding, art, drinking

Advice: “Be your own person, and party ’til she’s cute!”

The answers to the questions I was looking for about Max Jenke became clear to me after a trip to Mt. Hood last July. Let’s put aside the fact that his skill level is red-lining, because it’s Max’s style that sets him apart. He has more style than Hugo Boss on a good day, and he doesn’t just get the job done, when Jenke stomps something, you want to press rewind and study the trick. Personally, I think Max has the talent and the right state of mind to be one of the great snowboarders.

I’ve also come to learn that Max doesn’t talk about the hill when he’s off the hill. He doesn’t need to because, as you all know, actions speak louder than words. He talks of such things as his university courses, his social life, and even his future business aspirations. I knew Max for almost two months before I ever heard anything about the snowboard industry come out of his mouth.

I soon came to associate Max Jenke with a quote from a movie, “The best trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” That’s Max. He doesn’t fit the snowboarder stereotype, but once on the snow he does seem a bit possessed. Like the quote, he did a good job convincing me he didn’t even snowboard and then, BAM! There he is spinning twenty feet over Kettela’s head with full style and flow.

What people see in Max is how much more he has to offer than the average Joe (no offense if your name is Joe). Some of his assets include a great sense of humor, knowledge of fine food, and a sickening something-or-other that seems to attract only spectacular women. Oh yeah, don’t forget the fact that he rarely mentions his “Super Shred Dog” status. Sorry I have to brag for you, Max-

somebody has to.