Check Out: Matt Peterson

Name: Matt Peterson
Sponsors: Random Snowboards, Planet Earth, Da Kine, Oakley, ThirtyTwo, Copper Mountain

Age: 22

Origin: St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

Coordinates: Breckenridge, Colorado

Stance: Goofy, eighteen front, negative-six back, and 21 and three-quarters of an inch wide.

I started riding with Matt around eight years ago when he rode a Rad Air with a pointed nose. Everyone made fun of it, but I stuck up for him because he could ride. Matt’s nose isn’t pointed anymore. Another Midwest transplant who moved to Colorado to pursue a career in snow shredding, Matt moved to Breckenridge four years ago and has learned quite a few tricks since then. Probably one of my favorite people to ride with, he’s always enjoying himself and is really motivated. (He and his roommate Tyler spent last winter working as the town janitors so they could snowboard every day.)¿Chad Otterstrom