Check Out Masahisa “Magun” Hayashi 15.7

Name: Masahisa “Magun” Hayashi

Sponsors: Infinity snowboards, Dub, Flux bindings, Iris, ThirtyTwo,

Snîman, Three Weather, Slick House, Murasaki Sports

Age: 25

Origin: Shounan, Japan

Coordinates: Naeba, Niigata, Japan. Snowboard World Haitsu

Stance: Regular. Fifteen degrees front, negative-nine rear, and

twenty and three quarters of an inch wide

Magun’s one of the best riders on our Dub Japan team-I didn’t know him at first, ’cause he looked too dangerous to get close to. He looks like real Yakuza (gangster)-now, I find that he’s just a natural-born idiot. He hides this with fierce looks-but he smiles so good. He was born and still lives in a small city with lots of great surfers, skaters, and musicians. But there are no great snowboarders except this guy-this is his background for a cool riding style. I don’t think he’s clever, but he has a big heart and it makes him push his riding skills.-Toshi Seyama