Name: Marko Grilc

Age: 22

Hometown: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Local Mountain: Vogel, Slovenia/Dachstein, Austria

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 160 pounds

Stance: Regular. Eighteen degrees front, negative-fifteen rear and 23.5 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Burton, Red Bull, Motorola, Gravis, Carhartt, Adidas eyewear

Results: N/A

Film: 91 Words For Snow/Blank Paper, December/Airblaster Films’


1. The Yugoz: Matevz, Tadej, and Domen.

2. 91 Crew-David, Sani, and Cristoph.

3. My brother Luka.

“I have trouble writing Check Out quotes-they sound a little too much like a personal favor. Who knows if we’re not best buddies, or maybe he has a hot sister? So I’ll try and keep this one real objective and stripped down to the facts.

Marko has been snowboarding for a long time now, and he’s won pretty much every Junior World Champion title you can think of, in any discipline-no kidding. It’s kind of weird that he wasn’t recognized earlier, but this is where Marko’s nationality comes into the picture-Slovenia isn’t a hotspot for the world snowboard media.

I filmed and rode with him all last season, and he kicked my ass on every single backcountry jump. If I landed a 540, he did a bigger 720-when I landed a 900, he did a 1080.

I promised not to make this sound too much like a bro hype-up, and I think I’ve failed again, but either way, Marko is really good.”-David Benedek