Check Out: Mark Reilly

Age: 19

Home: Rutland, Vermont

Sponsors: Nitro, Dragon, Darkside shop, and Killington ski area

Hobbies: Skateboarding, chillin’ and watchin’ videos

I’ve personally known Mark Reilly for about six years. In this time I’ve seen a kid go from watching what everyone else is doing to having people check him out. The kid’s on fire, seriously the next Terje, because he will go just as big on every hit-no shit, I’ve seen them both.

Mark is young, made of rubber and steel, and has raw talent like I haven’t seen in a while. When he drops into the halfpipe, it’s full bore, go or blow-speed checking is not an option.

Mark’s from Jersey, but he ain’t no Joey. Although he does have a fade in his haircut, it’s for aerodynamic purposes. He’s a very nice kid and friendly to everyone he meets. He is supported by all his friends from Killington and his lady Jess.


Neil Korn, owner of Eastern Edge: “After many beatings from his older brother Brian, Mark has been shaped into a snowboarding machine.”

Skye Chalmers, photographer: “An amateur photographer could take great photos of Mark-he makes it so damn easy.”