Check Out Marie-France Roy

Name: Marie-France RoyAge: 22Hometown: Les êboulements, Charlevoix, Quà‡becLocal Mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb ResortsHeight: 5’5″Weight: 126 poundsStance: Regular. Twenty-one degrees front, negative-eighteen rear, and 22.5 inches wide. Hook-ups: Rome, Oakley, Red Bull, Solo Mobile, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Whistler/Blackcomb Resorts, EmpireResults: Third place, Honda Session rail jam ’06; first place, Nikita Chickita Showdown ’05; first place, ASJ Slopestyle ’05
Film: Ro Sham Bo/Misschief FilmsInfluences:
My brothers
2. My riding friends3. Anybody who rides with a big smile and no attitude.

TWS: I heard you had to pay dues back in Quebec.
We had a fourteen-hour bus drive to and from the mountain every day-uphill both ways. None of the mountains in Quebec had chairlifts yet, so we had to be pulled up the hill by horses.
You won the ASJ in Oregon a couple years ago, is that when you blew up? Yeah, that was when Oakley bought me my first Beemer and my crib in Whistler.

How has Whistler changed your riding skills and style?
When I first moved to Whistler in ’04, I had to learn how to use the chairlifts and stuff-but at least my clothes don’t smell like horses anymore! The mountains here are so great!

You filmed for Ro Sham Bo last winter. What was the experience of filming for an all-girls movie like?
It was so fun to ride through rainbows, with unicorns running around everywhere carrying love balloons. I’m really glad I got some shots in there.

You have a six-pack. How many situps do you do every day?
That’s only because I have translucent skin stretched over an alien frame.