Check Out: Louis Fountain

Name: Louis Fountain

Age: 22

Home: Bend, Oregon

Sponsors: K2, M6, Oakley

Thanks: Jesus, family, friends, sponsors

I have known the Lou-dog for quite some time now–I could tell funny Lou stories forever. I remember back in the days of the Northwest Series when he had homemade bindings made out of street signs! Yep, and the time he won a Mission Ridge Slopestyle Jam with 47 backflips off a five-foot tabletop.

That boy named Lou can do it all. Give him any kind of board or bike and he will do any trick in the book. The guy has more skills than M.J. driving the lane! This one-man circus also happens to be one of the most humble kids I know. Lou inspires everyone who watches him ride. He charges all day long–when everyone else is getting tired, Lou is going bigger. Most importantly he sets an example with the way he lives his life. Christ's love is flowing out of Lou know matter what he is doing. I know we are not supposed to have heroes, 'cause they'll let you down–but Lou, you're a hero and a best friend.–Ben Buchanan

Like many kids from North Idaho, Louie grew up enjoying the simple things in life. Now that he resides in Bend, Louie's great attitude and super snowboard skills are helping him make a name for himself. Louie knows that snowboarding is all about fun, and if the fun runs out, he'll probably join the circus. When he's not snowboarding, he enjoys freestyling on his bike, skateboarding, and reading his Bible. Keep an eye out for Lou, because he'll be around.–Adam Short

Growing up with Lou has been nonstop psycho action (a.k.a. high- action BMX). I've seen him build a Jamaican bobsled from old scooters and plywood, do 360 backflips to flat in the old days at the Moscow golf course, get a pencil stuck in his eye, dislocate his ankle skating, ride a bike wheel with more style than most can ride a bike, and do endless amounts of other crazy stuff. Lou can slam-dunk it, too. Basically, Lou is the best rider I've ever seen, and I'll always look up to him and learn from him. Thanks to my home-dog for the inspiration and all-around madness.–the brother's brotha, Benny Fountain