Check Out: Kim Stacey

Name: Kim Stacey
Age: 20
Home Mountain: Stratton, Vermont
Thanks: To my parents, who (by the way) also snowboard, for everything, and my sponsors: Prom, Völkl, Gateway, Boeri, and Stratton.

When I first met Kim, I thought she was the same shy, quiet, determined girl I’d seen around Stratton for years. But over the past two years I’ve learned that Kim may be shy and quiet at times, but can also be a loud-mouthed girl who laughs her head off at the top of the pipe, unafraid to stand her ground and tell you to f¿k off. Basically, Kim rules, and I think she’s the coolest. Oh yeah, she’s an amazing rider, too, but I think you guys have figured that out already.¿Tricia Byrnes

I met Kim about three years ago when I went to Stratton Mountain School for the year. Being from England, I stuck out like a sore thumb and didn’t really know anyone. That’s until Kim burst onto the scene with a big smile on her face and introduced herself.

Kim seems reserved at first, but the more you get to know and talk to her, the more likely she is to blurt out something funny, making you realize she’s actually quite crazy with a good sense of humor. Kim’s friendly and hospitable and always keeps in touch with her friends around the world¿she feels lost without e-mail. She’s super honest and reliable. She always says what she thinks, does what she wants, and isn’t afraid to bust out singing on the chairlift, either.

She rides at full speed with massive amplitude and is always pushing her limits and progressing. She loves riding every kind of terrain, but especially stands out in the halfpipe. Whenever I go snowboarding with Kim I always have the best day.¿Charlotte Dutton