Check Out Juuso Laivisto

Name: Juuso Laivisto
Age: 18
Hometown: Espoo, Finland
Local Mountain: Serena Ski and Talma
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 150 pounds
Stance: Eighteen degrees front, negative-nine rear, and 23.5 inches wide.
Hook-ups: Ride, Volcom, Smith, RedBull, Dakine, Go Mobile
Results: ’05 Burton European Open: second place, junior slopestyle; third place, junior halfpipe
Film: Draw The Line/Standard Films
1. Eero Ettala
2. John Jackson
3. Devun Walsh

TWS: You were unheard of-and then you had a sick part in Draw The Line?
That’s because last year was my first season filming with a big video company-and it was also my first time in the States.

Where’s your favorite place to ride in the U.S.?
I haven’t really been in so many places, but I was stoked about riding the Tahoe backcountry and all those Tahoe ski resorts.

How about in Scandinavia?
Serena is one of my favorite resorts in Finland-it’s not that big, but there are some nice kickers and rails. Talma is good too, but I think everyone has heard about that place.

What was it like filming with Standard?
I’m so stoked that I got opportunity to learn the backcountry with the Hatchett’s and the whole Standard crew. I didn’t have any backcountry experience before last season-they taught me lots.

This kid straight killed the powder kickers in Draw The Line-and supposedly, it was his first two weeks ever riding powder. Expectations are high for young Juuso. Aspen, Colorado.