Check Out: Josh Linkey

Josh Linkey

Age: 22

Home: Mammoth Lakes, California

Occupation: Mammoth Mountain park guy

Sponsors: RCM Snowboards, 686 Enterprises, Arnette

During a small, yet persistent rainstorm on the east end of St. John, an island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Joshua Daniel Linkey was born. He lived in a tent for the first two years of his life before moving to the States. Upon arrival, his parents packed up a VW bus and ended up in Castine, Maine, where Josh could attend school and later start his snowboard explorations.

I understand you used to wear Spandex?

Yeah laughs, I went to Carabassatte Valley Academy my last two years of high school. It’s set up so kids focus on snowboard racing and their education.

So why’d you stop racing and start hucking?

The racing mentality was a little too serious for me. I didn’t like being pitted against my friends. I guess I just had more fun doing freestyle with my buddies.

How’d you end up working the park in Mammoth?

I moved to Hood River, Oregon after high school and lived there two years. I guess I got bored with it and decided to follow a “close friend” down to Mammoth. The first two weeks sucked! I lived in my car. Things have improved, and now I live in one of the most interesting households in Mammoth.

What do you mean by “close friend”?

A girl.

Your girlfriend?

No sigh.

So, you’re a stalker?

No! Nothing like that. Talk about something else.

Do you like Beverly Hills 90210?

No, I can’t relate to it.

It sounds like you can relate to it better than you think. Your problem sounds just like the time Brandon chased Emily up to San Francisco.

Shut up!

Just like any guy in a ski town, girls are a nonstop problem. Josh chooses to divert his pent-up energy by spinning 9s off every jump and having his ego built up by photographers. He would like to thank his family, Eric Webster, Norm Tenendora, Torey Piro, Matt Kass, and all the Mammoth locals.