Check Out: Josh LeVine

Josh LeVine

Age: 20

Resides: Mammoth Lakes, California

Sponsors: Atlantis, Volcom, Val Surf

Nicknames: Latin Lover, Boogieboarder, Shredmaster Ninja

Thank you: “Mom, Dad, and brother Matt; Tiffany, Mark, and Rob at Atlantis; Tucker, Dagwood, and everyone at Volcom; Damon and everyone at Val Surf; Gabe Taylor, Eli Weiner, Mike Bagnoulo, Torey Piro, Kurt Wastell, and all my other friends everywhere.”

Josh LeVine is a friend to all. He is a lover, not a fighter. After drinking all that liquid crack (coffee) in the morning, it's a good thing he has his Mammoth Mafioso friends to keep him in line. Josh can usually be found jibbing the rad with his friend Gabe to the smooth sounds of hip-hop and 80s butt-rock. After a day of riding, Josh likes nothing more than to chill out at home with a game of chess or a romantic episode of Saved By The Bell. An ideal night consists of a sushi dinner with friends, followed by a non-alcohol-related dance frenzy.

Isla Vista college parties come to mind when I think about Josh. I know he's a good student, but when it came time for Thursday night through Thursday night parties, Josh geared up with his beer cup and slick duds in hopes of meeting that college queen. I have to say, I'm proud of him for never receiving a MIP Minor In Possession, which is all too common in Isla Vista. I'm glad he realized that the scene was lame, and he's way better of with Internet classes and Mammoth as a playground.–Kurt Wastell

Josh is one of the biggest dorks I know. However, his mother makes him pretty beanies so he doesn't get beat up at the gym anymore.–Gabe Taylor

P.S. If you've ever seen that guy dance at Ocean Harvest–talk about a MTV Grind wannabe!