Check Out: Jorli Ricker

By Someone Nice

To say that Jorli Ricker worked a lot of overtime last year would be an understatement. As a member of the Canadian National Snowboard Team, he competed on the World Cup tour and barely missed the cut for the Canadian Olympic Team. Jorli also partnered up with Jacques *Roiseux* from Adventurescope Films in Whistler, B.C. Together they filmed, edited, and produced an amazing 16mm film called Freedom. In his “free” time Jorli became one of the most consistent riders in the world. A true master of transitions, he feels at home stomping flawless fifteen-foot McTwists (with well-studied Terje style) on 25-foot quarterpipes.

Jorli Ricker is a friend, a mentor, and when he’s filming, the boss.-Kevin Sansalone

What do you think about the growing popularity of quarterpipe contests?

They might be an advantage to me if I could ever get invited to one. The indoor ones are stupid, though, because snowboarding should never be performed indoors.

Is the McTwist your favorite trick?


You got me interested in gymnastics, and I love it. We used to be the only snowboarders at the Avitva Gym, but now it’s packed. What do you think sparked such a huge interest in gymnastics?

Probably all of us not being able to keep our mouths shut about how fun it is. Now we’ve ruined it for ourselves, so that’s the last hint I will ever give to people.

If you could have one record on a deserted island, what would it be?

The Cars.

Who do you what to thank besides me?

Mom, Dad, Seymour kids, Mount Seymour, and everyone who helped out with the movie. Oh yeah, especially Red Bull for all those good nights-thanks.