Check Out: Jon Cartwright

Name: Jon Cartwright

D.O.B.: April 1, 1977 (The biggest joke my mom ever had played on her.)

Sponsors: Option, NFA Clothing, Thirty-two, Iris, Paul's Boutique Skate and Snow in Vancouver, and Fulikhan Street Wear

Thanks: Mom and Dad, Jeff Corbett, Jorli Richer and Dave, my roommates, Paul Gazo, the T.R.P. (Timber Ridge Posse), Kevin Sansalone, Chad at Option, Dionne Delesalle, the Huffmans, Shandy Campos, and all my friends.

That sequence is pretty bitchen, right? It's the norm. I lived with Jon last winter, and he was getting gnarly like that on a day to day basis.

Jon is the kind of guy who sets his mind on something, then he'll stop at nothing to reach those goals. That ability is backed by a never-ending surplus of energy and the knowledge that hard work pays off. With this formula, Jon is an ass-kicking machine. He just got done getting straight As in his honors course at the University of British Columbia, and he plucks his guitar like a possessed folk madman. Now, Jon is turning his attention to that big ass called snowboarding, and he intends to give it a real swift kick.

The best part–come the end of the day, Jon knows how to just kick back and marinate in life. I'm not going to tell you to look for this kid, because it will be impossible to ignore him as he pulls more crazy stunts like the one you see here.–Lukas Huffman

Jon is the newest member of the Option/NFA team. I can't tell you how stoked I am to have Jon working with us. Jon is a brilliant kid, and I know he'll help us a lot in research and development. As for his riding ability–riding with him, I'll be in for a season of the biggest and scariest lines I've ever done.–Kevin Sansalone