Check Out: Joe Sexton

Full name: Joe Sexton

Birth date: 4/29/87

Home: Apple Valley, Minnesota

Sponsors: Stepchild, Nomis, Cal Surf, Union, Elm, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Magical Gogo, Ashbury, Defcon

Results: Second place Block Rail Jam 2005, third place Hot Dawgz & Handrails 2006

Film: Child Support/Defective Films

Who are your biggest influences?
1. Shane Cross.
2. Travis Parker.
3. Nick Trapasso.
4. Peter Griffin.

What do you want to get out of snowboarding?
You know, the goods, shredding the white jungle, making memories that will last a lifetime-just to always be having a good time!

What’s your favorite video part?
Nick Trapasso in Suffer The Joy, Justin Hebbel in Love/Hate, and anything from Baker or KidsKnow.

What’s the worst trend in snowboarding?
Vibe Fest 5000.

What’s one thing we don’t know about you?
I’m the messiest person in the world.

What are three things you want to do before you die?
1. Catch the world-record bass.
2. Have my own house with a mini ramp.
3. Buy a bulldog and name it Oscar.

What is the sketchiest thing you have ever done on a chair lift?
Drank hot chocolate.

What’s one trick you wish you could do?
Three flips and warty pickle reverts.

What’s one trick people should stop doing?
Saggy long bottoms.

“Hailing from the frozen flatlands of Minnesota and following in the footsteps of a select handful of heavies before him, Joe Sexton now finds himself on the front lines and marching in tune with those very footsteps. His pants have tightened up a bit, and along with that so has his shredding. Joe made strides this year and landed a lunker of a video part-the opener in the highly anticipated Stepchild/Nomis video, Child Support-it’s a banger for sure, and a breath of fresh air. His precision, finesse, and creativity on a snowboard are matched by few; his flair for style and awesome attitude is matched by none. But more than anything, he makes snowboarding look like partying, and that’s the ticket”. -E.L.

Joe Sexton charges backside 50-50 through the no-fall zone in the dead of Helsinki winter. This photo reminds us of a little cover Eddie Wall had a couple Octobers ago-also in Finland. Photo: Peter Hasselgren