Check Out Jimi Tomer 16.3

Name: Jimi Tomer
Sponsors: Jeenyus, Smith, and SFO
Age: Seventeen
Origin: South Lake Tahoe, California
Coordinates: South Lake Tahoe, California
Stance: Regular. Seventeen degrees front, negative-twelve rear, and 22-and-a-half inches wide.

The first time I rode with Jimi Tomer five years ago, I knew he was going to be the next shred out of South Lake. I never should have let him drive on 395 South when he was fifteen years old-the moron almost killed everyone in my truck. Fortunately, I grabbed the wheel and we survived to see his style and consistency continue to progress. He now reminds me a lot of one of my heroes, Kevin Jones.
Tomer’s had more South Shore birthdays with Coach Ed than anyone else in the soldier community, but he definitely needs to pay more dues. It’s just the beginning for this punkass: he’s gonna need a bottle or two broken over his head-then he’ll be ready for the real world.-Jimmy Halopoff