Check Out: Jessica Daisy Dalpiaz

Jessica Daisy Dalpiaz

Born: September 3, 1974

Lives: Salt Lake City, Utah

Sponsors: Roxy, Dragon, AZP

Ambitions: “To go as far as I can in snowboarding, graduate in hydrology, and ride with my kids someday.”

Turn-ons: “To be at a mountain in Utah with my pals, lots of fresh snow, and no one else around. The feeling after accomplishing something new. My boyfriend, Loren.”

Turn-offs: “Ice, judging, and trick-ski styles on a snowboard.”

Favorite author: Toni Morrison.

Favorite trick: Katrina’s kicked-out methods.

Riding hint: “Keep your knees apart.”

Ultimate goal: “Sit in a comfy rocker when I’m about 80 and look back with a smile on life and remember all the fun things I did.”

I’ve known Jess for a long time, and she never ceases to amaze me. She can focus every ounce of energy on whatever goal she has set for herself. When she gets in her “zone,” the look on her face tells you she can accomplish anything. Once you meet Jessica, you’ll be sure to never forget her.

-Katrina Warnick