Jesse “Rookie” Fulton

Age: 20

Born: Owen Sound, Ontario

Home: Whistler, B.C.

Sponsors: Sims, Arnette, Red Sand, Fathom

Hobbies: “Go Ped, skateboarding, and being a James Bond OO7 assassin.”

Words to live by: “Take everything in moderation.”

What kind of guy would throw snowballs at the judging shack after stomping a Cab nine? Who would take his own private run, at the end of the Westbeach Classic, to do a double backflip in the pipe, just to stoke out the crowd? And who would continue trying backside rodeo sevens with broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder? If your name was Jesse Fulton and you had an entire country behind you, this would be you. You see, “Rookie” is a crowd pleaser. He’s also a

chick magnet, a clown, and represents the kind of kid we all hate to love and want to be.

It’s no mistake that he’s always the center of attention. It’s his character that draws everyone to want to hang around him. When I think of a person deserving of a Check Out, I think of someone who represents the continual progression of our sport. Rookie is all about that. There is a part of this guy that is so driven that even his sponsors have to tell him to slow down and pace himself. If Jesse Fulton is one of the people to show us where snowboarding will go, we’ve got nothing to fear. You see, Jesse knows, but he’s not telling. We’ll have to watch him go and see him fly.