Check Out: Jeff Nelson

Name: Jeff Nelson
Age: 18
From: Chisago City, Minnesota
Hometown resort: Wild Mountain¿best known for producing riders like Chad Otterstrom and world-renowned cafeteria tray races.
Sponsors: Oakley, 32, Option/NFA, Furnace
Resides in: Breckenridge, Colorado
Years riding: Six
Likes: Snowboarding, skateboarding, PlayStation

After taking on the task of writing this Check Out on Jeff Nelson, I came to the conclusion that he is either the most average, boring kid I’ve ever met, or I needed to call his friends¿luckily they were more than willing to sell him out.¿Kathy Cohn

Kurt Rein and Kendall Whelpton told me a story about a crash in the Breckenridge park where you almost died.

Uh, yeah, when I was about sixteen years old I hit this jump that I’d never really looked at before. I dropped in going way too fast, spun a cork backside 1080, overshot the landing, and augered into solid ice with my head¿convulsions and a daylong hospital stay followed. It was really scary and it definitely taught me to check shit out before I hit it. I had to ride down in the meat wagon and everything¿it sucked for sure.

Your friends also told me you are pretty good with the ladies. Serenading them with Backstreet Boys songs seems to be working for you.

That might be a bit of an exaggeration. It was just one time, and I was really just singing along in the car, but yeah, I guess you could say it worked out okay for me.

I guess we should point out that you are part of the Minnesota crew that seems to be taking over the town of Breckenridge.

Yeah, Chad Otterstrom, Francis Boll, Matt Peterson, Micah McGinnity, Matt Dummer, and a lot of my friends from Minnesota are in Breck. Those guys were all a big influence on me growing up¿I’ve known most of them since I was about twelve. I’ve always looked up to them.

Shout outs: Mom and Dad; Gus Buckner at Oakley; Chad Perrin at Option; everyone at Furnace; John at Mountain Wave; Chris, Ryan Runke, and Ryan Thompson at The Big Hit; Kurt Rein; Francis Boll; NLS; and AOD.