Check Out: Javis Lehn

Javis Lehn
Born: April 24, 1981
Parents’ home: Friday Harbor, Washington
Sponsors: GNU, Vans, Oakley (goggles, glasses, and clothes), GMC, One Ball Jay
Thanks: Craig Kelly; Kelly Jo; Joe D. and Gus; Scott Sisimis; Owen, Pete, Paul, Nick, and Mike; Mom and Dad; and all my friends whose names are not said.

Imagine spending the winters of your youth at Mt. Baker with a pass. Imagine homeschooling. Imagine your “adult supervision” was from pass-holding Glacier locals. Imagine not worrying about gear. Imagine traveling the world with the top professional snowboarders. Imagine parental consent. This is Javis’ reality. Now imagine his potential.¿David Sypniewski

“Javis is Washington’s last hope for powder.”¿Temple Cummins “Every day is a day at snowboard camp for the next ‘Little B.'”¿James Klinedinst

“He’s always willing to take one for the team.”¿J2 “It’s not that Javis is getting too tall to snowboard, it’s just that he’s starting to look funny doing it. At least the seventeen-year-old girls appreciate his height, and you know how a team manager appreciates them.”¿Mike Ranquet