Check Out James Roundy 15.7

Name: James RoundySponsors: Analog, Blindside, Demon, Ride, DC, Version Goggles, Technine, The CanyonsAge: 22Origin: Salt Lake CityCoordinates: The Canyons’ parkStance: Regular. Eighteen degrees front, negative twelve degrees back, and 22 inches wide

My first thought of James is, “What did he bust this time?” Dude, did you hear what happened to Roundy? He ruptured his spleen, man! But here’s the thing-I’ll see him a couple weeks later tossing as if nothing happened, it’s tweaked. James is on point-he’ll always drop first, and the move is never conservative. Keep a close eye on this kid-there’s something happening here.-Jeremy Jones

Oh, you talkin’ ’bout that kid James Roundhead with thedope steez! Yeah, he’s a tight-ass. Uh, I mean a tight-ass snowboarder-my bad. I think what he really needs to do is work on his attitude-always walkin’ around smilin’. I don’t know about all that.-Marc Frank Montoya

Roundy?-I can’t tell if that dude is Mormon or just confused.-Jason “J2” Rasmus