Check Out: Jacob McIntyre

Name: Jacob McIntyre
Aliases: The Bottle, Technician, Killa Shippa
Sponsors: Iris Snow, Forum Flow, Blond, Ezekiel, The Wildcats
Birthday: June 4
Thanks: Friends, sponsors, and anyone who I’ve shot with.

I wrote a little something about Jacob just over a year ago for a Check Out that was never used. The reason it didn’t run was not due to lack of talent, but because he injured his shoulder and was unable to shoot a photo¿so this is long overdue. After many long months of waking up early and going to physio (physical therapy) for hours on end, he’s back with a whole new outlook on the sport and is ready to take style to another level. Picture Tom Penny and Latrell Spreewell (if you don’t know who they are, you should) adapted to the slopes. Jacob is the master of the no grab (it’s difficult to look smooth and not grab). He’s also great at everything else he puts his mind to. Like a technician, he observes everything and formulates his own way of doing things. Another thing he’s doing now is helping with the design of some of Forum’s bigger boards. He enjoys shredding at Seymour and Whistler, hanging out with the infamous Wildcats, going to house parties, and skating.¿Devun Walsh