Name: Hans èhlund

Age: 23

Hometown: UmeÌ, Sweden

Local Mountain: Grubbe Backen

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 160 pounds

Stance: Regular. Twenty-one degrees front, negative-nine rear, and 23 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Spy, Vans

Results: First place, Swedish rail championships

Film: Positron/Whiteout Films, The Kids Are Back


1. Tom Penny

2. Johan “Elof” Olofsson and Micke Ek (R.I.P)

3. Bjorn Leines, Devun Walsh

Hans showed up at Dionne Delesalle’s house last season: “The kid ate four loaves of bread, drank two gallons of milk, invited his girlfriend to stay over, and asked me to stop by the grocery store,” laughed Dionne. He was homeless four days later. Next stop was Canadian legend Mark Morrisset’s new modernist home. After returning from a business trip, Morry was greeted by six members of Hans’ Swedish entourage, all camped-out drunk and partying in his mansion. èhlund’s run lasted less than two weeks in Whistler. Despite the chaos and comedy, this Swedish technician constructed a solid handrail section for Whiteout Films’ new flick, Positron.-C.D.


That’s a Swedish subway station. Photo: James Holm