Check Out: Gabriel Michael Taylor

Name: Gabriel Michael Taylor

Height: 5'6″

Weight: 130

Age: 21

Likes: Frozen yogurt, music, golf, surfing, running, ladies, motor homes

Dislikes: Landing on the deck in the pipe and bouncing into the flatbottom, when you go into AM/PM and the soft-serve machine is broken, motor homes

Sponsors: Millennium Three, Planet Earth, Dragon, Active, Thirty-two, Da Kine

Josh LeVine: If we made a movie about your life, who would star in it and what would it be called?

G.M.T.: Steve Buschemi The Big Lebowski, Armaggedon, Tres Lounge would play me. Elizabeth Shue would play my soon-to-be wife. Instead of snowboarding, racquetball would represent the passion in my life. It would be a romantic picture.

Like Nine And A Half Weeks or something?

I don't know about that. I'm still working on it. It'd be called I

Hate it When I Stub My Toe.

That's pathetic, Gabe. Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

Family, teachers, and friends.

How does it feel to ride for a team where you aren't the shortest team member?

Wow, it's a real hoot. My ego is blown after hanging out with you. What are you, like 5'7″?

Yeah, anyway, how do you always manage to have three girlfriends?

Where'd you get that one? I live in Mammoth, California most of the year, which has like 1,500 residents; 33.3 percent of them are women and 75 percent of those are married. This leaves 125 single women, and I'm going out with three of em'? The Magic Eight Ball says, “Outlook is not good.”

Word to live by?


Why don't you like porn?

My friend left a Penthouse magazine in my room when we were in seventh grade. My parents found it and I felt like the biggest sleazeball.

Kinda like the first scene in American Pie when the kid's dad, uhhh, interrupted him?

No, not even that bad, but I can feel Jim's pain.