Check Out: Gabriel Authier

Name: Gabriel Authier

Age: 21

Home: Montreal, Quebec

Mountain. Mont Saint Anne and Mont Saint Bruno

Hook ups: Ride, Arnette, Empire

Years riding: Eleven

Thanks: Mom and Dad, Rad, Marc, Sly Cate, Max Fortin, Boutin, Petit, Metiuier, DCP, Megan, Nalu, Mignault, Nick Cate, Greta, Greg, Robert, Mave, Alex, Grouer and everyone at Ride, Andre Dallaire, Phil Grise, Pat Fred at Empire, Shem, Boyer, and the 418.

“First of all, Gab thinks the chicks dig his French accent, he has a perverse sense of humor, and he's a smooth talker. Second, he thinks he's one of the sickest riders people have ever seen. But that's 'cause he's French–they all think that. He's always pushing himself and progressing. Every time I see him ride he's doing something better than the time before. Look out, he'll kick your ass in the pipe.”–Krista Bradford

“Big props to the head digger; Gab est le meilleur ami que tu peux avoir, crinque-toe!–DCP

Donne s'yen. Donne s'yen.”–Bob Gayney

“My friend Gabriel is a French cowboy who knows how to ride a horse but not a river. Props!”–Megan Pischke

“'Hi, you've reached the voice mail of Gab Authier, if you're a female, please press one; if you're with the snowboarding press, please press two; if I owe you money, please hang up now.' This is the message I heard when I called Gabriel's house.”–David Aubry