Check Out: Etienne Tremblay

Etienne Tremblay

Age: 21

Born: Jonquiere, Quebec

Winter home: Whistler

Years snowboarding: Ten

Sponsors: Limited Snowboards, Oakley, KUU and EQ Snowboard Shop.

Hobbies: Motocross

Watching Etienne ride the halfpipe is one of those experiences that makes you reevaluate the standards by which you look at snowboarding. He controls his board so smoothly and carries speed as if the throttle was wide open-it has to be that way, because getting airs well over the size of the transition demands enormous speed.

This Jonquiere native (a small city a few hours north of Quebec City) doesn’t comprehend the words “holding back.” Whether Etienne comes up short on a set of doubles-receiving his motor-bike in the back of his head, or if he buckles on the lip trying a seven-foot McTwist 900, he always gets up with a smile, because he knows next time he will make it.

You spent last winter back east after a few seasons in Whistler, why the move back?

I wanted to concentrate on my pipe riding and do some more contests. There’re a lot of competitions back east, so that worked out good, plus the pipe at Mont Sainte Anne was great. It was also a great opportunity to spend a winter with my friends and family.

Any memorable sessions at Mont Sainte Anne?

There was a provisional final that was really going off with a lot of people there, but there was gnarly riding going down every day!

Who do you ride with?

Sylvain Rheault, you, David Carrier-Porcheron, Fabien Duschenes, David Aubry, Daniel Migneault, Emmanuel Cammirand, Nic Dignard, Pierre-Luc Labreque, and the MSA locals.

Who would you like to thank?

Big thanks to the Godfather (Emanuel Krebs), Genevieve, my parents, my brother, Perry and Matt at Limited, the EQ Crew, Pierre at Oakley, Chad at KUU, J.F. Pelchat, big thanks to everyone I have ridden with, and a big wassup to the whole 418 crew.