Check Out: Erie Kovall


Age: 22

Home: Bedford, Massachusetts

Sponsors: MIA Snowboards, ASS Industries, Eastern Boarder

Eric Kovall started his snowboarding journey as a young, wide-eyed shredder. He was lucky enough to travel around New England hitting the local contest series and somehow survived being chauffeured around by a slightly intoxicated, pony-tailed, van driver. Eric went on to become the infamous “Man Child.” High school consisted of weekend trips to Stratton, Vermont. Mr. Kovall would graciously drop Eric off at the Crack Den, bribing its residents with cases of Black Label. Before long, Eric was traveling the country, killing it at mountains and excelling at being invisible to bouncers and ID checkers everywhere. Today, Man Child is no longer a kid. He's all grown up, but still wide-eyed as ever. Eric has been busy getting a degree in engineering and balancing the rest of his time between snowboarding and car shows. His riding has best been described as “destruction”–taking out trees, onlookers, and product–all in the name of fun. Eric has also perfected the maneuver known as the drop, seeming to fall out of the air from some giant kicker, holding the grab until impact. Eric's other interests illustrate his lifestyle and can be summed up in two words, chrome and speed.

–Alexei Garick