Check Out: Dustin Craven

Name: Dustin Craven

Age: 18

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Local Mountain: Sunshine Village, Alberta

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 133 pounds

Stance: Regular. Twenty-three-and-a-half inches wide, fifteen degrees front and negative-seventeen rear.

Hook-ups: CAPiTA, Oakley, Red Bull, ThirtyTwo, etnies, Rude Boys, Grenade

Results: First place, 2006 Showcase Showdown, Whistler Village, B.C., Canada

Film: Flavor Country/Sandbox


1. Andrew Hardingham

2. Jonas Guinn

3. Blue Montgomery

I consider you a freeride/slopestyle kid. How do you shred pipe so well?

In the States, there is no such thing as a bad halfpipe, but in Canada, our pipe for Nationals was cut by hand. I guess you could just say the motivation to really shred a good pipe is there.

Dare I say you have a retro style-crail, nosegrabs, and stuff?

I just want people to look at me and be like, “Wow, that kid must have been beaten as a child.”

How does someone from Calgary go about getting noticed in this game?

You just have to be different. Like if you have cancer or something, then everyone will be like, “Ooh, he’s different,” and really take notice. Everyone likes a dying kid.

Do you wear those crazy pants with Oakley written down an entire leg?

Yeah, ’cause when people see those pants there like, “Ooh, he must be sponsored. I want to be his friend!” And in turn, I become the most popular kid on the ski hill-it’s just the way we do things in Canada.

Ever stay out too late to snowboard?

No. I think that if you can’t snowboard because you partied too hard, it’s because you have morals and feel bad about what you’ve done. I have no morals therefore I never feel bad the next day.

Why is there more angle on your back foot than your front? Are you copying Mikey LeBlanc?

Nope, I’m just not that smart. I also used to mount my snowboard bindings with the ratchets on the inside … but I figured that one out after a couple of years. I rode without toe straps for years, too-I just liked the fact I could do my binders faster than everybody else.