Check Out: Doran Laybourn

Name: Doran Laybourn

Age: 19

Hometown: Basalt, Colorado

Sponsors: Vans, Rip Curl, M3, Dragon

Resides in: Breckenridge, Colorado

The first time I rode with Doran was in '98 at the Snowmass pipe. I could tell the kid had flava. Last season we rode and traveled together a lot. He has a huge bag of tricks and an unparalleled style. A true technician, Doran's skills will certainly take him far.

When Doran isn't on the snow, you'll find him at the el Jebel skatepark or on the wheels of steel in his bedroom.-Ryan Lougee

Yo, D, what's crackin'?

Just puttin' some work in on the new mixed tape.

What's on the new mix?

Lots of underground, like Rasco, Planet Asia, and some tracks from the Arsonists.

Make sure I get the first copy.

For sure, dude.

So where are you livin' this year, D?

I'm movin' to Breck, like three miles from the hill.

What? Aspen area gettin' a little old?

Exactly, it was a cool place to live, mad friends, lots of parties, but I needed to get out of my parents' house and ride somewhere else.

What's on the plate this season as far as snowboarding goes?

A whole lot. I want to do some contests, some shoots, and ride as much as I can.

Anywhere you really want to ride?

Yeah, Jackson Hole and the backside of Aspen Mountain with all my homies.

Who has influenced you in your life and in snowboarding?

My parents have led me down the right path in life and have really supported me with my snowboarding, too. They get major credit. I love 'em a lot. As far as riding goes, I have lots of respect for many riders out there. I really like Jamie Lynn, Terje, and Chad Otterstrom's riding. They ride anything-with total control and strong style. Also, I want to give props to all the kids I rode with growin' up. They influenced my snowboarding for sure.

Shout outs?

My whole family, my sponsors, all my friends. Big ups to Dave, 4WD, and Team Chronic.

Anything to keep 'em on their toes?

Commercial rap sucks and keep skating! Peace.