Birth date: December 29, 1987

Home: Riverside, California, and all the people’s couches I sleep on, too

Sponsors: Technine, Holden, Active, Dragon

Results: All the contests I have done are just wack.

Film: Runway/Runway Films.

Who are your biggest influences?
1. Jarad Hadi.
2. Brandon Phillips.
3. Harrison Gordon and Laura Hadar.

What do you want to get out of snowboarding?
Bitches and hoes … maybe a Cadillac or something.

What’s your favorite video part?
Gus Engle in Think Thank’s Patchwork Patterns. That kid’s real different.

Worst trend in snowboarding?
People hating on people, even though I’m probably the leader of the haters.

One thing we don’t know about you?
Why would I tell you? You would then know, and maybe I don’t want you to know … eh, I like dragons and fantasy books.

Three things you want to do before you die?
1. Take Japanese language classes for a few years then go there with no money and no plan and see if I can survive.
2. Save the world from global warming.
3. Tell everyone to not be so serious in life and to play more. Like play tag or hide and go seek.

What’s the sketchiest thing you’ve ever done on a chairlift?
Well, I’ve never done anything sketchy really. But I do know once in Mammoth, Harrison pushed our friend Mac Spedale off the lift and he screamed like a little girl-it’s a story they tell a lot.

One trick you wish you could do?
Switch straight airs in powder or maybe a backflip over fire.

One trick people should stop doing?
I don’t think people should stop doing tricks. Tricks are for kids, and everyone has a little kid in them-not just prego ladies.

“Des is one of a kind-riding with her this season was like being awoken from a coma. Snowboarding needs more girls like this. She grew up riding with the boys and they didn’t let her get away with half-assed tricks, and it shows every time she straps in. She doesn’t pussyfoot around and is down to go for anything. She has more motivation to get shit done than I have ever seen in a chick, and when she makes it happen, she has more style than you could ask for. It comes naturally to her now from all the verbal beatings she took from her boy-dominated shred posse-they did her good.” -Laura Hadar