Check Out: Dave Cashen

Dave Cashen

Age: 21

Home: North Vancouver, British Columbia

Sponsors: MIA snowboards, IRIS goggles, Tech 9 bindings, ASS Industries, Division, Bakoda


A hundred years ago he was called “Billy The Kid” or “Jesse James”-gun fightin’, booze drinkin’, womanizers whose adventures left a trail of stories that became the Old West legends we know and love. Nowadays there’s a new legend in town, and they call him Dave Cashen. Dave is as real a cowboy as there is left in this land-this may sound a bit dramatic, but so is Dave. Here’s the naked truth told by some of Dave’s closest buddies:

“I first met Dave at a Mt. Seymour year-end bash when he was trying a lot of switch tricks. Back then this was not the norm but neither is Dave Cashen. He is one of those people who feel they must shine a little bit brighter than the rest, and with a little bit of booze the true Cashen comes out-when that happens, just sit back and enjoy the show.”

“You can see Cashen’s antics in the Shorty’s snowboard videos and many more upcoming videos. Oh yeah, he can also snowboard pretty good when he wants to. He’s a true friend.”-Rob Dow

“I respect Cashen for being a true individual and leader. He does what he wants, when he wants, and just likes to have fun. Sometimes he comes off like a joker, but that’s not really the case. You just have to know him. Some people call him the “ODC,” and you have to know Dave Cashen for as long as I have to understand why they call him Old Dirty Cashen.”-Devun Walsh

“Two words: horse and shlong!”-Jake McIntyre

“Dave is that guy at the bar with one hand holding up his pants and the other stealing your drink.”-Scott Serfas

“Cashen has huge balls. For real.”-Dionne Delesalle

As you can see Dave is a cowboy in his own right and does possess all the things we love about old cowboy classics. The only problem I see now is that since he’s a certified security guard, there really might be a new sheriff in town!

-Randy Ross