Name: Darin Short
Sponsors: Burton, Oakley, Nixon, Gravis, and Jesus Christ
Age: Nineteen
Origin: Bath, New York
Coordinates: Labrador Mountain, New York
Stance: Goofy, eighteen front, six back, and 21 inches wide

At nineteen years old, Darin Short, a.k.a. “Dar,” has been snowboarding for eleven years, first learning on a Burton Micro Air back in the Craig Kelly era. Bumming rides from his brother and his crew of loyal older friends, Dar rode every chance he had and was better than all of the Swain, New York riders by the time he was thirteen. He’d watch and study any video he could get his hands on¿rewinding Terje’s sections over and over, aiming to imitate Haakon’s moves. Other influences on his riding come from Michi Albin, Casey Conte, Chris Runge, and Greg Wilson.

The boys at Burton started to flow him some product through his local rep and had him do all of the area am contests, he won just about every event he entered. Soon he was moved farther up the food chain, and he’s now on Vince LaVecchia’s B team.

Dedicated and mission oriented, each year Dar sets advanced goals for his riding skills and strives to meet them all season. Then he simply sets his sights on some other way to make his riding better.¿Josh Campbell