Check Out Danny Davis

Name: Danny Davis

Age: 17

Hometown: Highland, Michigan

Local Mountain: Alpine Valley, Michigan

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 145 pounds

Stance: Regular. Fifteen degrees front, negative-nine rear, and 23 inches wide.

Hook-ups: Burton, Anon, Burton Life, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, U.S. Snowboarding

Results: Second place, Gravity Games halfpipe; Rookie of the ’05 U.S. Open; second place, New Zealand Open slopestyle

Film: Burton promo video.


1. Tom Penny

2. Danny Kass

3. Nick Russell

“This kid Danny from Michigan showed up at the U.S. Open and just wreaked havoc. I’d never heard of him before, and he slaughtered every discipline-fifth place in halfpipe with a run containing two front sevens, a back seven, and a Cab ten, then sixth in slopestyle. He even had ill moves in the rail jam. Not surprisingly, Danny took the rookie award and had the entire snow media trippin’.”-Dresser

Backside tail snatch in the Park City Superpipe. Photo: Adam Moran