Check Out Curtis Woodman

Age: 20
Hometown: Garden Valley, California
Local Mountain: Boreal, Northstar-at-Tahoe, Sugar Bowl
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160 pounds
Stance: Goofy. Twelve degrees front, negative-nine rear, and 21.75 inches wide.
Hook-ups: Santa Cruz, Planet Earth, VonZipper, Union, DaKine, ThirtyTwo, Elm, Elias, BNM Board Shop, Independent (flow)
Results: Second place, Hot Dawgz & Handrails; second place, Boreal Jib Fest
Film: People/MDP, Finding Time/Castle Peak
1. Nicolas Mà...ller
2. Gigi Rà...f
3. Marc Frank Montoya

“Talk about a wild one. Curtis has seen a lot in his young years, enough to have a rock-star-type Behind The Music drama biography by the time he turns 21.”-Robbie Sell

TWS: What do you do when you’re not shredding? I hear you camp with your pops in the woods.
I hang out at my dads in Nevada City, but I wouldn’t call it camping. He has a log cabin by the river, next to some good mountain biking. When I’m not snowboarding, I’m skating, biking, camping, or swimming in the river nearby.

Do you hunt and stuff? Or go rock crawling in 4WDs?
I used to hunt bullfrogs in my pond with a pellet gun, and my dad had a jeep we took up the Rubicon once, but I haven’t done either for a long time. I do go over and shoot guns with my neighbor, Hank, every once in a while.

Are you a rail kid or more of a freeride dude?
“I like to ride everything. The whole mountain!”-thank Dave Downing for that quote. It was in Coming Down The Mountain-the very first snowboarding video I ever owned!

What terrain do you want to be riding in five years?
Bigger mountains and spending time in a heli. There’s something about freeriding that really intrigues me-it’s like bombing hills in San Francisco on a skateboard.

Are you obligated to ride for Santa Cruz if you’re born and bred in NorCal?
Ha ha-no, I just love the company. There’s so much history behind Santa Cruz and NHS, so I feel really privileged to be a part of it. There aren’t many companies who are still independently owned and operated nowadays.