Check Out: Cory Smith

Cory Smith

Age: 24

Home: Salt Lake City, Utah

Sponsors: K2 Snowboards, Zeal Optics

Hobbies: Fly fishing, Budweiser, heavy metal, and throwing chairs off balconies

Cory Smith is famous. Well, he’s the most famous person to come from the town of Silverton, Colorado, anyway. Maybe that’s because the town only boasts a population of around 400, but that’s where he began snowboarding. Not until he moved to Utah did his career start to take off. This summer he won the Gorge Games big-air contest at Mt. Hood and can be seen on a colossal Jockey underwear billboard in New York’s Time Square with fellow K2 team members.

Cory’s skills aren’t limited to snowboarding, though. He spent the majority of his childhood refinishing his various VWs, a hobby that has enabled him to add hardwood floors, cabinets, a sink, and a bed to his gutted big-blue Dodge van. You’d think that with all these rebuilding talents he could piece together some new fingers to replace the ones that were blown off by a blasting cap at a young age-but he can’t.

His dog, Indy (a Queensland blue heeler), can be seen with him everywhere he goes. The dog is smart and almost as well known as Cory. A job at Windell’s Snowboard Camp keeps Cory riding year round, which is the reason why his snowboarding has improved dramatically over the past few years. Look for Cory at the major contests this year and don’t be afraid to befriend him-he has a great personality and he’s full of funny and interesting stories.

-Nate Christenson